Vege Fusion


Risotto with Boletus Mushrooms

carnaroli rice, Boletus mushrooms, fresh champignons, onions, parmesan

  – vegan option with parmesan Violife 300 g / 10.90 lv

Fresh Linguines with Asparagus and Sun-dried Tomatoes

fresh linguines, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, truffle olive oil, pine nuts, cream, parmesan

– vegan option with cream and Parmesan Violife 300 g / 14.90 lv

Vegan Ragout

vegan pea protein bites, fresh mushrooms, asparagus, leek puree 300 g / 14.90 lv

Vegan Feijoada Croquettes

brown rice, black beans, oats, green salad,tomatoes, barbeque sauce 300 g / 9.90 lv

Celery Steak

celery root, broccoli, beet and cashew puree, lotus root chips 300 g / 11.90 lv

Chilli sin Carne

soy protein mince, red kidney beans, corn, peppers, tomatoes, lime tortilla chips, red onions, garlic 300 g / 10.40 lv

Pad Thai

rice noodles, peppers, Chinese cabbage, curry paste, sesame, mung bean sprouts, smoked tofu, peanuts  350 g / 9.60 lv